February 10, 2012

Valentine's Banner

I'm sure I've mentioned before that I live in a small house-- it's a good old house, but our living space is not huge. It definitely forces me to get creative with all of our "stuff". Unless they are on the wall, I don't have any surface area to put out little decorative items. That's mostly fine by me, because I like to keep things simple and anything that's out should usually serve a purpose. Anyway-- I don't decorate for the holidays much. Partly because I don't have the time/energy/will to lug things from the basement, put them out, then lug them back downstairs 2 weeks later. And I've already mentioned the lack of places to put stuff. My kids get so excited about decorating for the holidays though. When my son came home from school and saw the Valentine's Banner he got so excited. I swear his eyes then went straight to the little Christmas tree on top of our armoire that's still out. Yes, there is still one remaining Christmas decoration out! And he totally spotted it. That was yesterday-- and yep, it's still there right now. I'll get to it...

In the meantime, thought I'd share this EASY EASY Valentine's Banner, that fits in any small space! Our fireplace mantle is usually the spot for any seasonal decorating, but you could hang this in a window or on your front porch. The paper is cut from grocery store paper bags. I used scallop scissors along the bottom. On the back it's folded over and taped to allow room for the twine. The letters are printed in a dark red and then cut out and glued on the paper bags. The font for the letters is Chipperfield and Bailey, found here. The decorative heart that I used as a spacer is KR All Heart, found here. It would also be cute to do XOXO. So simple, and cost NOTHING.

Happy LOVE day!

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  1. I love it- so festive and fun! I have to copy this idea next year :)


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