December 12, 2011

Holiday Yarn and Felt Wreaths

I'm not sure how I feel about wreaths. I've been told they are too crafty for my style and think I might agree. And indeed it is hard to find something that's fresh and modern. But I do like something on the front door to welcome you.  I think my last attempt was trying to tell me something when it fell off and broke in half. Maybe it was a bit too shabby chic for my taste anyway.  What are your thoughts on these? I made one last year for a girls holiday party where we were supposed to make a gift for under $10. My sweet friend Megan ended up taking it home. Does the yarn and felt make it too crafty? Or is it modern since it's not a traditional style wreath. Megan has great style, and she liked it. Hopefully she wasn't just being courteous!
Felt and Yarn Flower Wreath

I was asked to participate this year in the KVC Tree Gala, and was happy to try my hand at another wreath. Here's what I came up with...

Felt and Yarn Flower Wreath

I heard it sold, so I guess that's good, and that was the point- KVC is a great cause! Still not 100% on any wreath I've seen. Anyone out there have any great ones? Please share!

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