December 17, 2011

Rainbow Kitchen: GREEN

I'm going easy on myself on the Rainbow Kitchen Challenge this time around. Green feels festive and Christymas-ish for this time of year, but really appropriate any time of year. I like green kitchen cabinets-- especially an olive-ish/grey color that has a neutral feel. I would consider doing them in my house if they looked anything like these. I think they actually have a neutral feeling.
Pale Green Grey Kitchen Cabinets

Grass Green Kitchen Cabinets
Bright Green Kitchen Cabinets
Okay, so the kelly green ones are far from neutral, but it sure is a happy room! 
I could totally live with this kitchen.
Kelly Green Lacquer Kitchen Cabinets
I admit it, I could not do this in my own house, it would make me claustrophobic. 
But it certainly is cool. 

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